The GelMoment Creativity Set

The GelMoment Creativity Set

“ The essentials…a variety of 7 tools to help you create your masterpiece."

The Fan Brush

The flat shape allows for a soft and even distribution. A must-have tool for an airbrushed effect. 

 The Ultra Fine Brush

The  extra fine straight tip allows for a meticulous and controlled application.  

 The Dotting Tool

The rounded tip allows for precise dots as well as marbling and swirling effects.

 The Pointed Brush

The slim tapered tip allows for flawless and exact lines and strokes.   

 The Precision Brush

The long thin bristles allow for perfect strokes and contouring.

 The Shading Brush

The medium sized flat tip allows for impeccable blending and shading.

 The Striper Brush

The very long and fine bristles allow for superb elongated lines.



  • $20.00

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